... ʹҔ ͹ ط 蹠 ԡҹ ...ػ ʹҾط ͹ͧҹ 蹠 ԡҹ ... ......ѡ繨ԧͧþ觷÷ѧ׹͡ Դ ͧ Ѻ 繸... ..蹨ҡ ŧ ŧִŧŧӤѭ¡Ѻþ觹 դŧ֧ ԡҹ ʹǹѹ... ¾͡͹ǡ ͷ ԡҹ ...觷ҹ  ԡҹ ͡͹֧¶֧ ʹҔ ǹǼ֧ ʴҔ ...

Ҩѧà ͤڤ
¸ ҹѧ 10 Ҥ 2551


       Sasana', which belongs to the Pa'li term, means teaching or message. Buddha refers to one who has learned, who has woken, and who has been exuberant or joyful. In short, Buddhism means the teaching of one who has learned, of one who has woken and of one who has been exuberant. What do you know? What you know is the reality of all things about the fact that nothing is permanent. Where there is birth, there is death. One who has woken is one who has stopped delusion in the attachment and adherence to all things. Then he who has no delusion becomes ever joyful. He tries to teach people to know after him, to wake after him so that they may be joyful after him. What is taught by one who has learned, who has woken and who has been joyful refers to Sa'sana' or religion, whereas one who knows is called the teacher or Sa'sada'.

The Ven. Phra Acaraya Angkan Aggadhammo
preached at Dhammatanang on May 10,2008



Translated by
Suwat  Charoensuk