...Ҫվͧǡس ˹ҷçҹͧǡسѹͧѺԵͧ ҤԴǡҧä س سҺ ҷеͧ锠 ͧ ǡسյ鹷ع٧ҡҧ ...(ҧѧѹҴ«) ǡسͧǡѺ赡ءҡͧäͨҡǡس...ҡǡسзӡêͷءҧ¨Եӹ֡նͫ... 繡ҧ...繡Ե繷ҹ...繡Էҷҹ ...˹ ´ ҡطҡз礧Ŵŧͧ...ҡ... Ե¹ѡ ҷ.. Ƞ ԭչԹҠ آշء...س㹪ҵԠ 鹠 ó˹ѧ׹͡...

Ҩѧà ͤڤ ¸
͹ʵҪԡ¸ þ.طԹҪ Ѵҹ⨹
12 áҤ 2551


                                                                    God you can touch.
        Your profession and duty are involved with someone elses life. From a positive or creative point of view, doctors and nurses such as all of you are like God that people can touch. You have very high capital used for achieving your additional Perfections. Waking up at dawn, you have to encounter those people who need to get some help from you. If you help them with your good conscious mind, you can be considered to be accomplishing perfections, i.c. to do your job as Da'na (giving) and to give your Knowledge as Da'na. Then your weariness, fatigue and tension as a result of what provokes and is hurtful to you would be decreasing by itself more or less. Please dont forget that our life is very short; dont be negligent. Where there is gain, there is loss; Where there is rank, there is obsecurity; Where there is blame, praise, happiness and pain..., Nothing is permanent no matter whether you belong to racc, caste or class.

                                      The Ven, Phra Acaraya Angkan Aggadhammo
preached to give warning to members of
 Ethical Club,Buddhajinara'j Hospital at Namjone
Pah Monastery on July 12, 2008


Translated by
Suwat  Charoensuk